How to Improve Short Term Memory

The steps on how to improve short term memory will require the mind to get tuned up and working optimally. There should be a balanced program that involves getting the right nourishment and keeping the mind uncluttered. Once all that is in place then will one be able to see significant improvements in the cognitive functions of the mind.

Balanced Lifestyle

Sedentary people usually fall victim to memory lapses. Their short term memories can get really significant improvements if they will but get the blood flowing via simple cardio workouts. Of course, exercising isn’t the only thing that will provide that balanced type of living. Learning to slow down when it is needed is also a necessary ingredient on how to improve short term memory.

Finding quiet times on the beach or a walk in the park will relax and soothe one’s nerves. Getting rid of stress will work wonders for the mind and it will enhance one’s creativity. Yoga and a relaxing massage can also do wonders to alleviate short term memory loss. The idea is to have a balance of physical activity and relaxation in order to reduce the effects of stress on the human soul. Remember that even an axe will also require quiet moments of sharpening in order to make it a fine tool for chopping wood.

Diet and Sleep

The saying that we human beings will find it hard to think with an empty stomach has a kernel of truth in it. Getting properly nourished is an important ingredient on how to improve short term memory. Other than getting properly nourished, people should also make sure that they can get enough sleep. Since the body literally can’t run any faster when one’s strength is gone, so will the mind function less without proper rest.

Avoid Cramming

Cramming usually involves people trying to remember every single detail that they will need in the next few hours. Note that this actually doesn’t help the mind. Instead, it will tend to over stress both mind and body. This basically results in remembering fewer things that you tried so desperately to store in your head.

Purchase a Proper Memory Improvement Guide

John Garant just released his long awaited book about memory improvement called the Brain Owner’s Manual. This book comes highly recommended as it takes you far in to how the brain works and how you can improve your memory.

Use Memory Tools

There are a lot of tools that one can use to improve short term memory. Mnemonics, flash cards, notes, and a lot of other tools can help you remember details and help boost short term memory. Note that all of these suggestions should be applied moderately according to each person’s preferred pace. There’s just no shortcut on how to improve short term memory.

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How to Keep the Brain Healthy

Brain fitness is an important factor that we seriously need to consider if we want to be able to function properly in terms of remembering things, analyzing situations, solving problems, focusing on important matters and pretty much everything else that we use our brains for – which is actually well, everything.

If you find yourself forgetting things more often now or you find it harder to focus on things at hand, these are indications that you need to pay more attention to your brain fitness.

How to Work on Your Brain Fitness

There are various ways you can do to keep your brain fit and healthy. You don’t actually have to go to extremes to work on improving the health of your brain. A little change in lifestyle can do the trick, plus a few other minor extras that you may also want to consider.

De-Stress Your Life

It has been said time and again that stress can cause a lot of health problems to surface especially if your stress levels are high all the time or you find yourself constantly stressed-out.

This being said, it is very important that you keep your stress levels to an all-time low all the time. If you find yourself stressing out over something; pause, close your eyes, take a deep breath and release your stress as you exhale.

Eat Foods Rich in Vitamins

It is important to include fruits and vegetables rich in certain vitamins into your regular diet. There are vitamins that have been known to boost the brain’s function as well as promote brain fitness.

These vitamins include B12, folic acid and thiamin.

Mental Exercises

To improve brain fitness, it is likewise important to exercise your brain. Stimulating the brain is essential so as to prevent it from becoming dull or rusty. You can do crossword puzzles, play numbers puzzles and even board games.

Reading is also a good mental exercise as you stimulate your imagination and cognitive functions.

Sleep Right

Getting enough sleep every night gives your brain a rest. As you are sleeping, you are enabling your brain to re-charge itself. Studies have shown that as the brain re-charges, it transforms the memories you have recently acquired into long-term memories.

This means that you will find it easier to remember things even after a long time has passed.

The above-given steps are simple enough and yet they can already greatly improve brain fitness and at the same time, promote your general well-being.

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Games to Boost Your Memory

The games that improve memory need not be boring. The following games are fun but also help to improve the function of your mind.

Play Trivia Games

This is one of the most enjoyable games you can play. Games that try to recall events, names and places is not just for seniors; you can do this for fun and exercise your mind. The nice thing about trivia games is you can choose any topic.

You can use trivia for science, movies, TV, geography, history and other subjects. The game can be played by at least two people with trivia quiz cards. The game commences with a question and provides clues so players can answer. This is one of the best games that improve memory.

Trivia board games usually involve moving a piece on the board after answering the question. The more topics that are covered, the more it will help your memory.

Number Grids

The objective of the games is to put numbers in a nine box grid without repeating a number. A few numbers will be included in the puzzle. Your objective is to discover the pattern and fill the grid. You can buy these puzzles in magazine racks, bookstores and stores.

These number grid games are available online too. You can print these and solve them like any other puzzle. You can also find them in newspapers.

Crossword Puzzles

A staple in newspapers, the crossword puzzle works out the brain. Studies have shown that these are helpful for both short and long term memories.

Brain Games on the Web

The Internet is a great place to find games that challenge the mind. There are websites that offer games which force you to think faster and be more organized.

Some of the more popular games are those that require classifying words in a specific category with time constraints. Other games that will challenge the mind are those involving multitasking, locating objects and comprehending words.

Other Games

There are many other games you can play to challenge your mind. Chess can be played with a friend. You can also play chess online. Card games like poker and Texas Hold ‘Em will also boost your memory. You can set aside a day a week to play a challenging board game with your friends.

Games that improve memory are becoming more popular. Some of these games may seem very challenging, but that is the point. Don’t get frustrated and just enjoy it.

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